Thursday 23rd September 2021
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Thursday 23rd September 2021
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How your vital donation can help

Bewley’s Big Coffee Morning Social for Hospice is one of Ireland’s biggest, longest established and most loved fundraisers in Ireland.

Now in its 30th year, this annual fundraiser that takes place in cities, towns and villages all across Ireland has raised over €41.5million! That is an incredible and life changing amount supporting specialist palliative care all across Ireland.

It has enabled local hospice groups to hire more specially trained Palliative Nurses to visit people in their homes, provide high quality care on In-patient Units, and refurbish facilities as well as buying crucial equipment. Most importantly, your support by hosting a coffee morning social has helped patients to live life as fully as possible with dignity, respect and comfort whilst making the most of precious time with their family and friends.

Hosting a Coffee Morning Social in 2022

The past 24 months has been a challenging for all of us, and as local organisations that rely so heavily on fundraising our efforts continue to be severely affected by COVID-19. As with all frontline organisations, the pandemic poses a massive challenge to our services for vulnerable patients and their families. That’s why Bewley’s Big Coffee Morning Social for Hospice has never been more important as it is our biggest annual fundraising event of the year. By hosting a coffee morning social this September, you will be helping your local hospice to continue to provide specialist care to patients in your local community at a time when they need it most.

There are so many ways to get involved in Bewley’s Big Coffee Morning Social for Hospice!

  1. Host an in-person Coffee Morning
    Whether it’s in the garden, community hall, or in your home, host a your own personal coffee morning if you feel comfortable in doing so in aid of your local hospice.
  2. Host a Virtual Coffee Morning
    Whether it’s 2 or 200 guests, your video call can be whatever you want it to be and you can’t beat a good catch up no matter the distance! You could even host an international Coffee Morning Social.
  3. Donate
    If you are unable to host a Coffee Morning Social this year, please support your local hospice by making a donation. Please click here to make a donation to your local hospice.

Hints and Tips for hosting your Coffee Morning Social whether Venue or Virtual!

Pick a day – any day!

If September 22nd doesn’t suit, don’t worry. Pick another time close to the official date that suits you, or even the weather if you have an outdoor garden Coffee Morning Social planned! Register your coffee morning and receive your free Bewley’s coffee and host registration pack. Thanks to the generous support of Bewley’s, your local hospice will send you a host pack including Bewley’s coffee along with posters, invitations and collection boxes. Registration open’s August 2022.

Spread the word

Get the word out! Display posters, send a group invitation by email, set up a WhatsApp group or create a Facebook event. Don’t forget a personal phone call is always hard to beat!

Get competitive!

The Great Hospice Bakeoff is always a great excuse to show off your creativity!

Pay as you go

Set up an online donation page such as or Facebook to receive donations via debit and credit card. Its very easy to use and set up, its free and the funds go straight to your local hospice. Call your local hospice if you have any queries or if you need any help. Cash donations can be lodged directly to your local hospice and can be added to online donations.

Share your mug shots

Share your photos using #togetherforhospice and tag us @TogetherForHospice on Facebook, @TogetherHospice on Twitter. If you’re hosting virtually you can also take a pic of your guests online.

Thank and be thanked

Don’t forget to thank everyone on behalf of your local hospice! Hospices across Ireland are truly grateful for all donations raised through Bewley’s Big Coffee Morning Social for Hospice so let your guests know how much they helped to raise in their local community. Remember, every cup counts!

Stay Safe

No matter what type of Coffee Morning you host – please always remember to stay safe and adhere to the current HSE and Government COVID-19 guidelines. Please visit to see the most up to date guidance. Don’t forget its most important that you and your guests always adhere to social distancing guidelines and that everyone adheres to good hygiene and handwashing practices. You can ask your guests to wash their hands when they arrive, provide hand sanitiser and napkins, and provide a bin for everyone to throw away their own rubbish. Remember, we’re all in this together.

How your vital donation can help

Your support could help to provide vital front line services such as Homecare Palliative Nurses on the road. Every time a homecare nurse calls to the front door, families will feel the relief of knowing that their loved one is comfortable and at peace in the most familiar and restful place that they know: home, being part of family again and safe in the knowledge that specialist Palliative Nurses are managing all aspects of their care in the time ahead. Both patient and family are reassured that there is someone available to advise, help and support throughout their journey.


Just €50 could provide a Walking Frame for patients. A walking frame will help our patients to have greater mobility during their time in palliative care. This gives patients more independence using a sturdy and lightweight walking frame.


Just €250 could provide an Orthopaedic Chair that both benefits the patient as well as their visitors. The comfortable, adjustable and supportive orthopaedic chairs help our patients and their loved ones to relax.


Just €400 could provide a Pulse Oximeter. Pulse oximeters are a tool that enable Nurses and Doctors to measure the oxygen saturation of a patient’s blood. Monitoring such as this is very important for the health and comfort of patients.


€1,500 could buy a Specialised Bed that is essential and will provide the maximum of comfort and care for the patient. Ensuring that each and every person in the in-patient unit has the support and comfort they need.

Don’t forget that every euro raised locally stay locally. You can help support your local hospice and homecare group by hosting a coffee morning social this year.

Host a coffee morning Social

Gather your friends, family, colleagues or neighbours and stick on the kettle for a good cause this year. Register for your free Bewley’s coffee.

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