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13 September 2016

“Their spirits were looked after, their morale was looked after. There was so much humanity in it.”


Our Ambassador Brendan Gleeson delivered a second powerful interview today when he spoke about hospice care on Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show. The renowned Irish actor was also interviewed by Marian Finucane on Saturday where he encouraged people to support their local hospice this Thursday.

Brendan spoke of how his parents were cared for in St Francis Hospice: “Their spirits were looked after, their morale was looked after. There was so much humanity in it.

You have to say goodbye at some stage and I came away feeling nothing more could have been done. Humans can be the most magnificent of life forms. It’s not easy to remember that when you hear of all the horror out there and then you go to St Francis or other hospices all across the country where people volunteer and help people in dire distress. All the beauty of these relationships happen in the hospice before the person is allowed to move gently on.

It’s the most amazing thing and was a total eye opener for me. Anything I can do to push the message of Ireland’s Biggest Coffee Morning out I will do. Find a coffee morning near you. Have a cup of coffee together on Thursday and help hospice, take an hour or two to stop and help. It makes the world a better place.”

Thank you to Brendan and all Ambassadors who are supporting Ireland’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Hospice this Thursday. If you want to host a coffee morning please go to our register page where details are available.

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